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Leah Remini’s exposes her big tits

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Finally! A woman with real tits! Man seriously, I’m tired of all these attention whores with big fake tits and bleached blonde hair. I’ve got the real deal right here. Who wouldn’t like to see Leah Remini’s juicy big tits in front of you? Tits like these are the reason why flat-chested chicks wants a titty job, ‘coz those whores are envious. Do you see what I’m talking about?

Here is Leah Remini naked pics showing her on the bed being one kinky milf. I wouldn’t pass the opportunity to motorboat those things, not a fuckin’ chance! Leah Remini’s tits not only has the ability to give us a boner, her naked pussy also has the skills to maneuver our minds to do crazy shit like what I’m doing right now…jacking off at work looking at the rest of Leah Remini’s naked pics.

Leah Remini’s wild fuck pics

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Here’s where we finally catch Leah Remini in actual, hardcore sex. You can’t deny she’s a good receiver, the type who spreads it, takes it, and performs top quality, as she is told. Watch that pussy of hers spread obediently for all these studs she managed to seduce, all while keeping a gaze heavy-lidded in ecstasy.

In this first photo, Leah is all about taking it from behind. Her lips are curved in a hiss as she gets penetrated deep by the man’s cock. Judging by how dauntlessly wild she can be, I can imagine her letting the guy ram her without a condom and blow his load inside her tight pussy. We know she loves cum spread all over her face and body from the first set of pictures I posted, but it gets her titties all a-tingle if she gets filled with cum from inside.

It looks like she’s about to be seeded in this next picture. The guy looks like he’s started ramming his cock in her pussy faster, getting red-faced and close to spewing ropey threads of cum inside Leah Remini’s pierced pussy. Leah’s bracing herself for the warm spunk that’s about to fill her up as she grabs her stud’s hand for support. Her tits look full and taut from the long fucking she’s been getting, and we’re lucky enough to catch her in action! Again, there are more pictures of Leah Remini getting fucked, if you’ll just click the link, you’ll jump straight to the goods.

Naughty outtakes from Leah’s photoshoot

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Leah Remini is hardly known for strutting the red carpet or any event in a flattering gown. Many of her paparazzi shots had her covered in dresses that failed to hug her curves, and not even her firm, meaty ass. I guess, to make up for it, Leah Remini went all out and posed for the cover of Stuff magazine, in a cover and spread photoshoot that had her showing the goods.

She proved to be surprisingly naughty for the photographer and writers who covered Leah’s daring stint. The interview had her spitting out naughty tidbits about her personality, saying she gets devilishly aroused by firemen, police officers, or basically any guy in a uniform. I guess she likes the really masculine type, the kind of guy who’d carry her in his arms, from the shower to the bed. But it’s with the photoshoot that she really got down and dirty.

Leah Remini insisted that, once done with the session, they retake everything, but—wait for it—with all her clothes off! Now that’s what we’re talking about. Obviously, the photographers didn’t hesitate a beat, and went on with her request. If you’ve seen the originals of these two photos, you’ll agree these are way hotter. She’s not stingy displaying her assets either: in this alternate shoot of Leah sandwiched between a prop that looks suggestively like a deflowered pussy, she lifted her legs to better accentuate her prized ass. She looks stunning as hell, with nothing but silver stilettos for cover and a mocking chastity chain around her waist. Who wouldn’t want that slut for supper, eh?

The other retake of her shoot has Leah touching, again, on her masochistic potential. Isn’t she such a tease, how she’s all locked up in that cage, her pussy barely within reach of our cocks? The photographers were lucky enough to zoom in on her hairy cunt in the studio, but what more if she invited one of them in that cage, way after the studio lights have gone out?

Don’t be disappointed that the editors never included these outtakes in the final copy, because we managed to get a hold of the rest of Leah Remini’s daring photoshoot, and we’re sharing them with you! After this, all those men’s magazines will appear too tame for your taste.